Hayliegh’s World

A huge part of Hayliegh’s world is what her mommy is going through, and today I woke up w/ pain radiating from my head down to my tail bone and down the left side of my body.  It is so painful it made me nauseated and unable to sleep.  I thank God for pain medication as they have kicked in and I can enjoy making my flourless blueberry oatmeal pancakes w/ almond butter and s/f syrup.  Talk about an energy boost w/a low glycemic intake “you are ready to go!”  You should see Hayliegh when I am making those pancakes she is all over the kitchen talks, talk, talks w/ this cry / sqeelling letting me know she wants her pancakes “now”.   And of course I obey!

One of our daily routines is while the coffee is brewing I get down on all fours while Hayliegh is on her pink blanket nested on the floor and she give me kisses.  While I get kisses I look into her soulful brown eyes  and say “good morning God”, “a happy girl makes a happy day” and I  share w/ her how beautiful her heart is.  I have even taught her our own sign language for “good heart” by sight and touch.  We have been doing this daily for many yrs now.  We then go out and take care of business and come back in and do our spiritual reading in hope of centering our day.

Today we went to help darling Marie she is in her 90’s and is one of the loves of my life (earlier post about her).  I help her about 20 hours a month w/ the basics around her place and lots of shopping.  When helping Marie Hayliegh has learned  how to catch her treats while Marie drops them from above her head.  You know what is baffling how does Hayliegh know when Marie will say “Kim doesn’t Hayliegh have any treats”  my response is “yes.”  Hayliegh is already two paws ahead of me because she knows what we are talking about.  Another cute visual is seeing Marie in the frig and little miss Hayliegh has her cute little head right in their w/ her.

Our next stop Deannes she made me a great lean ground turkey w/ veggies, roasted red potatoes and a divine bottle on Elderberry wine from Honey hill “Yummy”.  On the way in her neighbors have a bull-dog named MoJoe to cute for words.  Patricia the owner has a son who is partially blind  and looks “normal”.  She would like to have a dog to work w/ her disabled son.  I gave her my card “The Hayliegh Project” were we help people w/ hidden disabilities w/ any resources and/or information that we can give to help people thrive.  It is a gift to give back.

One of the things I have learned  recently is bonding w/ friends making time to hang out and make memories.  Hayliegh has taught me a lot about being w/ friends because she is always living in the present making people feel special and I am learning to do the same.

Guess what Hayliegh is having for wessert WOOF CAKES!

A very special lady


One Response to “Hayliegh’s World”

  1. Ellen Goodman Says:

    Thanks for such an entertaining post, Kim. I really enjoyed it.

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