Hayliegh’s World

It was a beautiful saturday the rain has passed and the springs flowers are soaking it all in.  Whether you walk or drive you can see the recently dehydrated landscape of San Diego is now lush and blooming from yard to yard.  The spring flowers are growing randomly and wildly on the trails.  I hope I can get Hayliegh on one more gander out and about.  I would like to take photos of the blooms and our last set of photos of Hayliegh enjoying the trails and soaking in the river water.

Hayliegh and I had a pretty relaxing day she supervised while I worked out on my Pilates Machine.  They say supervisors get paid the big bucks for watching over and that she does.  Hayliegh is ready to retire and that means it is time for her wessert (the word wessert means dessert in our doggie definition.) tonight that ment a big piece of white roughie and green beans yummy in her tummy.

Kisses are worth a million


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