Hayliegh’s world

What a great day we visited w/ our friends dog Daisy and Cindy to of the cutest dogs they look like Shitzues, but are something else.  They a good dogs and Hayliegh likes to see them and have treats while visiting their home.  

We went out to lunch where Hayliegh got to hangout w/ Gina’s daughter Sofia.  She sure enjoyed giving Hayliegh love and kisses on her forehand.   

I saw a big difference in Hayliegh she was still more than excited to Gina, but didn’t mind just resting in my arms. 

she used to go crazy when we would meet our friends it wouldn’t matter who was coming to visit because she knew if we where hanging w/ someone they were pretty special.  The joy and energy she presented to those who we spent time w/ was like crazy love!  Wrapping around their ankles barring her head in your lap and wagging that bum all over the place. Boy did she make you feel special.

Hayliegh says relax take it easy and don’t worry Ruff!  I need to listen to my dog.


3 Responses to “Hayliegh’s world”

  1. Ellen Goodman Says:

    So glad you and Hayleigh had such a nice day, Kim. A day after cataract surgery, I feel fine. Still no time to call but soon I hope.

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