Hayliegh’s World

We woke up and knew this would be a trying day.  Hayliegh and I had lots of aarons to run today and not looking forward as we both are tired.  As I say “we have to step up to our life.”

Hayliegh had her meds and she supervised why I made our flourless oatmeal blueberry pancakes.  Hayliegh can hardly wait as she loves her pancakes.  I put almond butter on them and they are yummy.

We got it the paper work from the Public Authority showing amended paper work correct SS#.

I decided since we where out we could stop and pick up our last set of professional photos from JCPenney.  They did such a great job and the photos are so cute.  I will work on down loading the CD & share our photos as she is the photogenic one.

Again Hayliegh touches lives while we were at JCPenney’s, we met a nice woman who has a cocker spaniel she saved from a rescue her name is  Dee Dee and the ladies deseast mom whos name was Dee.  Hayliegh and I met two other patrons one couple had a cocker and shared their joy that their dog brings to their lives.  The other patron was extremely curious about how my vets found cancer of the liver.  He also inquired about Solid Gold dog food, and the special Seameal and lif Ex for my service dog.

On the way out of the store Hayliegh greeted some employees who shared their stories of their animals and could hardly wait to give Hayliegh love. Then exiting the store a young girl and her mother where so happy to see Hayliegh in my arms.  They saw her vest which says “No petting” and I shared that Hayliegh knows she brings joy to people and would love to say “hello.”.  They were so excited and the hands where on her petting her head.  My little Boo she was so happy to see others happy.

We are home and both of us are tired to the till.

Hayliegh says WOOF!


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