Hayliegh’s World

Hayliegh job is important not only does she let me know when I need help she supervises me even when I have to work life on life’s terms.

Reality is today I have to face the monster I have been so miss treated by IHSS/Public authority due to their clerical error.  They have had my name attached to someone elses SS #.

Can you imagine they made the mistake and when I called to share my plite.  I have been treated with such disdain, I have been put off , put on hold for 25 minutes at a time, put off to someone else, told another department is responsable then sent to a diff department and then sent to wrong departments.

This all started on April 1st no joke, April fools day! I raced to SS admin office because I received a letter from SS Admin. that my SSDI benefits could be affected all due to (my employer) IHSS/ Public authority mistake.

I lived all weekend w/ the fear of how “me” one person in the world is going to get this job fixed.  Then a dear friend who I have helped through “The Hayliegh Project” said why don’t you call so and so and then thought I need to advocat for myself as I would for others.

After 4 hours of phone calls w/ IHSS/Public authority to correct my SS # and my W2’s forms. A hero came along The US Department of labor they sent me to the records keeper department.  Wonderful Al in the records department took my info and immediately phoned the IHSS/ Public authority people and boom, minutes later IHSS/ Public authority phoned me to fix the problem.

The lady that called from Public authority whom we will call “G”.  Has confirm that I will be recieveing amended w2’s back to 2008 corrected in my social sceurity number and wages earned.  I shared w/ G that the stress of this situation has really affected my fibromyalgia and CFID/ME.  It turns out her sister is sick w/ the same condition.  I mentioned maybe I could be of some service to her sister.  I run “The Hayliegh Project” and maybe I could help w/ resources or even be a compassionate ear to listen.  Who would have thought the company causing so much stress on me that “The Hayliegh Project” could be of help to someones (G’s ) sister.

I have learned something from this experience and it is very clear I am not going to let anyone speak to me in a demeaning or abusive way period.  I started my day dealing w/ the many women from IHSS/Public authority who were rude and unkind to me.  I said “I do not deserve to be spoken to in a harsh or scolding manner.”

Outcome; I phone the IHSS worker and her sipervisor to report the poor treatment and I will find  a way to report the Public athority for thier harsh treatment of me.  I am not the only one!

I had a friend who was unempathetic to my changing plans to get together w/ her this last weekend because I would not make good company due to the stress of IHSS and my health being affected.  I don’ t normally right off friends, but this isn’t the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time I have dealt w/ her shortness or lack of compassion and understanding.

I have called the U S Department of Labor to thank Al.

In everything there is a gift, so what are they?  not giving up and not being miss treated.

Hayliegh says WOOF, not to be a doormat, be kind to others and to discern wisely in all areas of our life.


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