Hayliegh’s World

Hayliegh took her pain meds and Sam-e and then out for our morning business.  We stopped by a neighbors for some coffee and sat out on a balcony looking over Mount Helix and the Mexican border.  Hayliegh is limping and staying right next to me.   She has skipped her breakfast today and looks a bit down.  We went to deliver cooked food to a friend Keith who lives w/ out a kitchen.  It is so cute to see a 6’5″ man melt w/ happiness when saying hello to Hayliegh as she greeted him w/ open paws and a wagging tail.  Now it is time to rest our bones.

Hayliegh has a quite a few nick names one of them was given to her when she was a puppy “Hayliegh Baily Muffins.”  When my friend Gina and her two kids were little, they would get together w/ me and Hayliegh and start saying in the cutest little kids voices “Hayliegh Baily Muffins.”  The kids would sit and giggle w/ her.

Boo Boo‘s is another nick name our friend larry calls her.  He will say “hows the Boo Boo‘s?” when he sees her and his voice softened and he gets all giggly and childlike.  Of course Hayliegh is smiling from ear to ear and that little bum is wiggling w/ her tail.


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