Hayliegh’s World. “My Pawtner in Crime”

Hayliegh & I started the day w/ almond butter and a pain pill because her back left leg is not doing well due to age. She lies w/ me while I do my spiritual reading. She supervised while I worked out on my Pilates machine and then we got ready for our day out. She and I went for my ultra sound because my left thyroid is engulfed in a lump and fluid. This was our first time out where she struggled to walk. All her facilities are working fine, but her left eye is blood shot and droopy.

We arrived at the x-ray building and Hayliegh didn’t want to walk, I could see her pain, so I carried her. We entered the x-ray lobby and all the patrons were curious about my Hayliegh. I share about my fibromyalgia and how she started her life as a service dog. I gave her the command ‘say hello” and she went up to this man and started wrapping around his ankles. She thinks she is half cat as she raised w/ one. She then laid down after she knew she had made someone smile. She is good at that!

Parts of Hayliegh’s bio:

When Hayliegh was a puppy three months old she came home to a kitten named Callie what a cute site that was! They wrestled, played and cuddled together. Hayliegh would get on the couch and reach down w/ her head crab Callie by the scruff of her neck like a mommy would and try to lift her to the couch. Visualize this if you if you can? While Hayliegh is trying to lift Callie on the seat of the couch she couldn’t quite lift Callie up all the way, so Callie repeatedly bump the rise of the couch. Kind of a body slam, but in a gentle way. They just loved that game. They would take turns chasing each other around the love seat sofa. Callie played with little toy mice, chased bugs and all the goodies cats play with and little miss Hayliegh thought she should too! Be sure of this, if we show up at your house and you have cat toys Hayliegh is all over them! She loves to chew up the mice, so I take the plastic eyes off and away she goes. Her favorite cat toy is the cat in the plastic circle it spins while a cat / dog “Hayliegh” tries to catch the mouse when it appears threw one of the exposed areas. I think it cost about twenty dollars and forty-five minutes later after a crazed session she eventually gets that MOUSE!

Have a WOOF night


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