Can you handle the truth?

Can I handle the truth? Wow! What a question.  Okay here it goes if I ask for an opinion “the truth” I really want it.  I have two ideas of the truth.

1. Truth is helpful when I have asked for it. 2. The truth can be harsh when I haven’t asked for it.  

1. When I ask for the truth I really mean it 100%.  I don’t appreciate those who cannot give it when asked.  I recently asked some friends to check the first ten pages of my manuscript.  Thier critique/ truth was helpful and beneficial to the goal.  I know someone who just cannot tell the truth when asked.  What I have come to realize is she isn’t willing to look at her truth and you cannot give truth to someone else if you don’t own it for yourself.  Sometimes the truth can be hard, it can stretch us further & it can bless us.   

2. I think it is harmful to give the truth w/out being asked.  In those cases I always ask “would you like the truth” or ” can I be honest” then share w/ love and kindness.  I think unsolicited truth can be injurious to others.  

I say, Be cautious when giving the truth and remember to embrace the truth when needed.


2 Responses to “Can you handle the truth?”

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