What made me decide to start blogging

What made me decide to start blogging?

A dear friend of mine Jori shared w/ me that I have a story to tell about my hidden disabilities, the public and the unspoken discrimination going on in the public.  When I started blogging nothing made much sense.  I became disappointed in my ability to write anything. 

I slowly became embarrassed about my writing because of my sentence structure, so I gradually just stayed away from my blogging.  My editor who is working on my manuscript has been working w/ me.  She is helping me learn about the flow of what I am saying and about telling a story. 

 The Daily Q’s have been challenging for me to write.  I have to think about the subject being asked.  Now I can hardly wait to see what Q’s wordpress is going to ask.  I am loosing my fear of writing publicly.  I am finding it enjoyable answering questions & have found it exciting.  I actually look forward to the next day when I can look up what question is the next.

Still not good w/ punctuation.  More to learn.


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