memorable job interview

I picked up a local paper “San Diego Pet magazine” I opened it and emailed the writer of the paper to ask if she would be interested in our story?  She called me and said they were doing a piece on service dogs and the organizations that train dogs for the disabled.  She asked me some questions and was interested in our story because I have an American black cocker spaniel service dog her name is “Hayliegh”.  She helps me because I have Fibromyalgia, ME/ Chronic Fatigue Immune Disease and everything that comes with it.  The writer was also interested in the private training we went through.

We planned a scheduled date to do the interview.  I was so excited I felt as though I could jump out of my own body.

 During the interview we spoke about  the private training we went though,  I shared how Hayliegh and I have learned that certain behaviors of hers indicate that something is going to happen to me.  We spoke about my manuscript that I wrote about educating the public regarding hidden disabilities, discrimination and service dogs and much more……   We sent in our a picture and kept in touch.

  A few months later we landed the cover of the magazine and piece written about us and my book.


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