How do I stay focused on tasks or activities

How do I stay focused on a task or activity?

I have learned in life it takes more energy to procrastinate then it does to actually sit and repeatedly think about “what needs to be done”.

  One day many years ago, I thought if I made a list of five things that needed to be done and acted on at least two or three of them by the day I was crossing off things off my list.  By the end of the week I could actually have all five or more things done.  By doing this my life started looking better and I started feeling better along with my energy.  Both physically and mentally.  I was freed up in my mind to do things I wanted to with complete freedom of stress to way me down. 

  I started with the thing I really didn’t want to do first like calling the insurance company and dreading punching voice automated buttons repeatedly. Stressful just thinking of that one.  This Monday I have a  new list of calls I am not looking forward to, but they will be done and I need to be free. Physically I am more present with my life and relaxed whatever that maybe for me.  Mentally I am free of the extra stress that comes on from thinking about the “I have toos.”    

  For example, One of my activities I enjoy my spiritual reading usually six days a week this makes me feel good.  I get up, get my coffee and start my spiritual activity before starting my day.  There are times I slide by and I notice I don’t feel as emotionally or physically centered because I didn’t honor what makes me feel good. What I am learning is to honor what needs to be done and what activities I need to continue to stay focused and centered.  Mentally when we free of errands/tasks this frees up my mind to think and grow in positive ways to succeed with other fulfilling goals.

I had hoped to write a book one day.  I didn’t realize until this moment that I was preparing myself on how to get things done and stay focused.  There has to be a beginning, middle and end. I believe today that is why I was able to start and finish a manuscript because I had been preparing to follow through, to stay focused and finish an activity. 

May you see clearly and stay focused for there is only goodness planned for you.

7 Responses to “How do I stay focused on tasks or activities”

  1. Claire Says:

    Great post – really ties in with some things I’ve been thinking this morning – so pleased I stumbled upon your blog.

  2. Claire Says:

    Yes – I stumbled across the post a day while on my blogging for the first time in ages. It was just what I was looking for and has really inspired me. I intended to do once a week; but I’m hoping I can keep up once a day.

  3. hiddendisabilities Says:

    I have gotten excited to see what Q will be posted next.

    Claire where are you in the world? I am in San Diego

  4. Claire Says:

    I’m in the UK – so cold grey skies here today! What’s it like in San Diego?

  5. How do I stay focused on tasks or activities | Hiddendisabilities's Blog Says:

    […] Source: How do I stay focused on tasks or activities […]

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