It is cold and flu season and I am terrified to go anywhere.  The word “germs” as defined in my Franklin dictionary: microorganism or source of rudiment. Many people this time of year will be out and about sharing their germs w/ those of us who don’t want them. 

   While I was out at the stores today, there where at least three people who had loose bronchial coughs, including those that had the greenish or yellow phlegm oozing its way up and spreading all over everyone.  Can you imagine what it is like trying to dodge the germs? It is painful.  If my immune was not so compromised I wouldn’t have to worry.  Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury.  I have spoken to many w/ CFID and Fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus and …etc who feel the same way. 

   This is really upsetting for me. What makes people think that the gym is a good place to go when you are sick, coughing & sneezing all over machines.  I had someone say, “well I have my towel.”   I verbalized my concern over them sneezing into a towel and wiping it off on the machines.

   Imagine someone touching their nose or using a Kleenex and then touching a handle of the grocery cart? Then they use that little plastic pen next to were you slide your visa check card.  It’s a buffet of germs. What about the doctor’s office? All the germ filled hands touching magazines on the tables?  What about the food service worker who goes to work w/ a runny nose possibly dripping over your plate, or the person that prepares the table for you to eat there?

   On a positive note, I have some great friends who understand and have witnessed what happens to me when I get sick.  They are so courteous that they will not have me over if they even feel like they are beginning to get sick, middle or ending until symptom free.  Respecting my health boundary is the biggest gift I could ever receive.    

    Out in public, I have learned how to read people. I asked a manager at one store for another checker as the two on duty were both sick. The manager was kindly accommodating to my special needs.  

    As a retail worker many years ago, I noticed that some customers felt the need to cough right at my register into my face leaving me no place to escape their germs!  I know that we as people want others to care about & for us, but PLEASE not in that way! 

   How come our society doesn’t have mask dispensers in everyplace where the public goes to prevent the spreading of illness? Can you imagine the benefits?  One time while working in the retail food business, a woman came into my line. She was sick she wore a mask. She was the first ill person I didn’t mind greeting and didn’t get resentful towards.  She shared w/ me that in her country they put on a mask if they are sick to keep from spreading germs.

   I hope this post makes all of us aware of ourselves and others around us.


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2 Responses to “DODGING GERMS”

  1. christa Says:

    Hi I am also a fibro patient. I have a blog also , but unfortunately you will not understand a thing, because i am living in Belgium in Europe. Here i organise a monthly group of fibromembers. We try to keep positiv and to reorganise our life.
    Wish you all the best!
    greetings from Belgium

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      Hi Christa,
      thank you for your commment. I am sorry that you have this darn disease a well it sure can be tough at times. I wrote a book about this subject and hidden disabilities and God willing I hope I can get it picked up. I have been working hard for many years on this project. Lets stay in touch. I also belong to a site for fibros and ME/CFID….
      I see you site i will tap into it and say hello.
      Kimberly & Hayliegh my service dog.

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