Someone Crossed the Line!

Imagine yourself standing in line at a bank your exhausted you feel the Chronic Fatigue starting to hit and, yet you know you have to take care of life before you can shut down.

It is taking everything you have just to stand and then imagine someone starts  saying “why do you have the dog” while they are standing behind you!  Then the tapping starts on your shoulder and it feels like a hammer coming down on your muscles.  The woman is repeating herself “why do you have the dog”!  What would you do?

I turned and said “What are you doing to me?  I am not well and you are hurting my shoulder”!  The lady then says harshly “you didn’t answer me”!  What gave this woman this self entitlement attitude? As if, she had the right because she had the thought!  What if I had been deaf? I could what if this to the hills and back!


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2 Responses to “Someone Crossed the Line!”

  1. christa Says:

    You know, I always walk with a stick, so people can see that there is something wrong with me! the don’t hit me and push me in very busy places and it feels comortable. In train sometimes they let me sit down because of the stick. So my stick is my best mate for the moment and nobody asks questions about it, very easy!

  2. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Even if I use a cane people don’t believe me, crazy?

    Thank you for the response it feels good to know someone is looking at my work.

    Your pic is really great how did you get it to come up in the square? My pic is on the blodd, but not thel ittle square?

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