Service dogs

Service dogs

Ready for work!

I found out that if you are legally disabled w/ any disabiltiy you have the right to a service dog even w/ your own dog.

Many people go through program suchs as CCI.  There are web sites where you can look for licensed and trained service dogs like Canine companions:  They are located through out the United States.  The fact that you license your animal and it helps you is enough.

There is a huge debate on whether a dog should be tagged, licensed and vested.  There are some professionals in the service dog industry that feel there should be no licensing there are many who feel we should license, tag and train our service dogs.  I have witnessed many people who take advantage of this right by calming they have a health condition take thier animal out in public and the animal has not been properly trained.  This stuff makes it difficult  for those of us who have trained our dogs and have hidden disabilities.  I didn’t have to go through two years of training, but we did go through obedience training and a special service dog course which helped tremendously with my dog to present ourselves out in public.

The class was designed to train us how to have appropriate edict as we go out into the public we went to Cape-Able Canines which is located in San Diego.  My point is that people claiming to have service dogs should at least have obedient training and some simple service dog courses so the public is not aggravated by an untrained animal.  I remember being at a restaurant one night and the manager was upset with me bringing my dog and I quickly responded that my dog is licensed and trained to be with me.  I showed him my license and he said okay having had a reasonable explanation for his denial.  He said that a woman came in with her small dog insisted it was her service dog.  The dog proceeded to upset the costumers by barking which was disruptive behavior while affecting the patrons who were trying to enjoy their meal.

Here is my plight a program which I will leave unnamed wanted me to go through a two year training program w/ my dog and it was to be every two Saturdays a month.  I can not guarantee anyone from week to week my schedule due to my disease.  Here is the real kicker she expected you to pay her that day even if we couldn’t make it.   Even bigger kicker she was disabled her self.  I will leave the rest of your ideas and thoughts to you!

My service dog is a doll not only beautiful, but well minded.  She is so smart though if you have me to your house for dinner and I let my guard down she will work for those dinner treats! WHATS NOT TO LOVE!


Hayliegh has gone to the vets this morning to have her teeth cleaned and do I miss her already I got in the car and felt like my arm was missing.  The vet that was going to do the dental work commented on my money situation right up front before I could even say anything.  She was considerate and even said she will do what she can do keep the costs down.  I thought it was so nice that she considered my monetary situation.  It is important to even ask if there are services that help if you are a disabled person with a service dog.  I have had veterinarians who did not believe me even after calling animal control to verifiy my dog.  The vet still didn’t believe me she wouldn’t honor their discount.  I would like to see a veterinarian have the compassion for our pocket books by having a sliding scale for those of us on SSDI or SSI.

Well after writing this I did find a vet in San Diego who helps those of us w/ service dogs contact the the Hayliegh Project for more info. by living an a reply.


California penal code Title 9 Chapter 12, 365.5 and 365.6 are guidelines indicating laws that protect disabled persons with service dogs.  Because of these laws and my health condition I have the legal right to my service dog as well as anyone who is legally disabled.   I know that the concerns of money come into play regarding the cost it takes to train, the vest, and cost to keep a service animal.  I personally feel that service dogs need to be vested and tagged so that the public can see that the dog is working.  Because of my “hidden disabilities” the people question me terribly & Under California penal code Chapter 12, 365.7 It is illegal to fraudulently represent that your dog is a service if it is not.

Today you will be seeing service dogs in all different breeds as people become informed, educated & the value of having a service dog.  My friend Nina had a Jack Russell Terrier that works with her, Jenny has a Chihuahua who works with her.

January of 06 I went to my new gym signed up yesterday.  The next day while at the gym the  owner came to me and said that the men in the gym don’t want you to have your dog in the gym so you need to leave and I will refund your membership.

I left very upset and amazed I phoned Police I was told that it was civil issue, so I told a friend of mine who is a civil attorney.

I was crushed my heart was humiliated and I couldn’t believe this was happening to me again.  I felt devalued and unimportant.  I have lost so much of my life, and now this!  I have to make a choice to stand up and say no more.  I thought to myself,  I have pay the price daily and I refuse to make it okay with out a fight or should I say without justice.  I prayed for help that God could guide me and support me in my actions “Please God bring me an attorney to help me” with my fight for the truth.  He answered my freinds firm was able to represent me.

It is interesting to me that in the past civil & ADA attorney’s have denied my case due to the fact that i don’t look disabled. WOW!  My quote is “I am tired of doing the time for someone else’s crime”.

Know your civil rights &  beware if they have been taken away.  Question if you have felt the brunt of humiliation walk through the fear of standing up.  Like any new behavior it can feel really uncomfortable until we get through it.  The benefit and reward will come.

Special rule and regulations for owning a dog

It is important to remember that our dogs need to be license Sec. 62.620. LICENSE REQUIRED (a) states “Any person owning or having custody of a dog… shall apply for and obtain… a separte license for each dog they own, posses, keep, or harbor, after it is four (4) months old”.   Having your dog licensed also is helpful in case your dog is some how separated from you.


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4 Responses to “Service dogs”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Testing, testing, testing.

    Have a great day!

  2. Ellen Goodman Says:

    Thanks, Kim. I just read this and enjoyed it very much, although of course reading about how you were asked to leave the gym and the restaurant is not pleasant, but it is important. I entirely agree with you and support you in standing up for yourself when you face discrimination. You go, girl!

  3. Cathy Says:

    Well stated…thank you for the education : ).

  4. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Thanks girls this all so new and fun!

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