How come our media does not want to touch the subject of the discrimination going on and the cruelty that is happening to those of us with “Hidden disabilities”?

Do you know if someone says anything against a person of race or religion you could be faced with a law suite.  If you say something to me that is harassing or discriminating, I have no legal right to stand on.

I for the hundredth time was in a store recently wiating in the check out stand and a MAN decide to use  while I was in line with my service dog decided that he thought it was okay to harass me.  My service dog and I were minding our own business.   He continued as I finally stood up for myself.  The other patrons saw this excruciating event and supported my response.  I got the man licence plate number on his vehicle and phoned the police I was directed that it is a civil action.   By the end of this uneventful event, know one could help me.

What would have happened if I were of a different race, religion, or nationality?

Do you know my friend of color cried once when she and I shared our story of discrimination she thought I wouldn’t understand and when she heard what I go through and saw what I go through she sobbed.  She looked at with tears flowing, and said “You do know what it is like”.

I have written a manuscript book about those of us w/ hidden disabilities and the injurious judgments against me as well as many others.

This story needs to be heard.



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