The Hayliegh Project

I am so glad “The Hayliegh Project” has been helping people in the community.   The Hayliegh Project came about when I was helping a dear friend he was being discriminated against while picking up food at a food bank.  He called me distressed because he was treated poorly and I understand what it is like to deal w/ people and cruelty.  I said to my friend I can advocate for you by calling and finding out what is going on.  I called the facility and spoke w/a manager we will call him Mr. Onion Head.  Well Mr. Onion Head, he really poured it on about how my friend isn’t disabled and that due to his weight it doesn’t look like he needs anymore food.  That got me upset, but I kept my cool.  That was the moment I realised I could advocate for people w/ hidden disabilities and of course you know the title it is dictated to my service dog Hayliegh.

I then called the owner of the food bank and shared that I advocate for people w/ hidden disabilities and then shared what had happened to my friend and the treatment from her staff. I shared that I had written a manuscript waiting for publication.  I shared that the book is about the mistreatment and discrimination of the public and what people w/ disabilities is supposed to look like?  The owner was apologetic and kind and supportive of my mission she even wished me well on my book.  By the way my friend goes to get food and is now treated w/ kindness and Mr.Onion Head is no longer managing the food bank.

Due to “The Hayliegh Project” we have been helping people from all over the United States w/ questions about how to get a service dog in their area, how to get SS when their disease is taking over, to helping a disabled man get his school loans written off due to his permanent disability.  I have guided him in the directions of resources to help him and stayed in contact w/ him as needed to support him through this process.  I have helped people look into housing. 

Another good deed from my service dog!


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