Today is a day where the next step in doing Gods work can make dreams come true.  I will be finishing my Query letter and Proposal for my first book in hopes that a publisher will pick me up.  I am feeling fear because this disease along with other barriers have cost me everything and every dream.   Those of us with health conditions know the losses involved and the struggles, but this is big!  My book is big and I could do it while I was at home around my disabilities.  I prayed to God to help me do something while I am at home, give back to the world and become financially secure.  After praying this prayer for a couple of months, the walls came down and God said it is time to start your book.  The day He said it is time is the day I started and I have not stopped since.

It is said that when God has ordained us to follow and we do He rewards with blessings, and boy do I need His blessings.

The proposal had been edited and off for final approval.


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