Giving back

Those of us w/ disabilities on fixed incomes often need extra help with money or toiletries and other items needed.  We also have co-pays on medications, co-pays doctor appointments, and over the counter nutrients.   Whether we are on SSI, SSDI or Retirement we all need that little help.   It is rough if you are not in housing were your money can not go far, “does it ever!” .  When on a fixed income there is a price range allowed for those of us on a fixed income, and legally does not have to be declared.  There is an income restriction which has to be reported.   There are many things we can do such as, helping others whether it be organizing, cooking, watching someone children, calling someone, driving people to the store or doctor appointments be creative with what you have to give.

It is important to give back and not just sit in our apartments or house doing nothing.  Don’t get me wrong I have days when I am house bound sometimes weeks, and just survive due to my health.  I talking about when you’re having a better day.

What have you done today?


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